How to start my own business

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“This Website is dedicated to Entrepreneurs, Small and Medium Enterprises and Wannabe Entrepreneurs!”

how to start my own business

Dear Reader,

On a beautiful afternoon, twenty-six years ago, two young men graduated from the same college. They were very much alike, these two young men. Both had been better than average students, both were personable and both as young college graduates were filled with ambitious dreams for the future.

Recently, these two men returned to college for their 26th reunion.

They were still very much alike. Both were happily married. Both had two children. And both, it turned out, had gone to work for an IT company after graduation, and were still there.

But there was a difference. One of the men was manager of a small department of that company. The other was its CEO.

What Made the Difference?

Have you ever wondered, as I have, what makes this kind of difference in people’s lives? It isn’t always a native intelligence or talent or dedication. It isn’t that one person wants success and the other doesn’t.

The difference lies in what each person knows and how he or she makes use of that knowledge.

And that is why I am writing to you and to people like you about MiniMBAMillionaire Forum. For that is the whole purpose of The Forum: To give its readers knowledge – knowledge that they can use in business!

you see MiniMBAMillionaire is a unique Forum and it puts together one of the Best Programs on start-ups and Entrepreneurship through years of research. MINI MBA MILLIONAIRE will give you all the Know-how that you need to start a business and run it profitably in India!

Knowledge is Power

“This Website is dedicated to Entrepreneurs, Small and Medium Enterprises and Wannabe Entrepreneurs!”

Start you own business in India

Want to build a startup? here you Go…..!

If you are a working executive, an Entrepreneur or a Small and Medium business owner, or an Innovative startup entrepreneur you should have always wanted to move up in the career ladder, business and make more money, satisfaction and success! then you have come to the right place! Read on…

We have launched The Mini MBA Millionaire Course for the working professionals,Business owners and Students to make them learn to start a business, understand practical business management, and business skills to equip them for a better career!

Many professionals, software engineers, and managers want to start their own businesses, but they lack capital, know-how, and support! and by acquiring the right knowledge, skills and focusing on the right areas they can make it into Entrepreneurship!

And business owners who can learn better methods and practical business systems and processes that they can learn from other successful business owners and mentors will be benefited from this forum.

we have made it into a membership model for a 1-year duration where we will be conducted various activities, workshops, seminars and group learning and mentoring in becoming a successful entrepreneur!

So to bridge the GAP we have come up with this initiative…

learn to start a business

Problems faced by working executives

  • Not able to cope up with work pressure
  • Hectic work life
  • Uncertainty in career
  • Unknown factors
  • Lack of knowledge
  • Don’t know what is happening in other functions of the company
  • Lack of Holistic understanding
  • Cannot quit the job and start a business
  • Don’t know how to start a new business or a start up
  • Business fundamentals
  • Mindset for making money
  • Managing money

And so on…

A survey conducted by employment search site Monster.com of nearly 7,000 U.S. workers found that while a less-than-surprising 35% had contemplated leaving a job to flee a stressful work environment, a more significant number–42%–had “purposely” left a position because of such a workplace.

“People feel stressed out because there’s that continuing pressure to do more with less. Workers feel pressure to get more accomplished,” says Mary Ellen Slayter, Career Advice Expert at Monster.

“People know they’re not happy, but they’re not clear on whether or not it would be better somewhere else. ”

A separate survey of more than 900 workers found that an employee’s relationship with their boss is the most common cause of workplace stress, followed closely by workload, work-life balance, and relationships with coworkers.
Nearly half of employees surveyed report having missed time at work due to work-related stress, and an even greater number, 61%, say that workplace stress has caused them actual physical illness, with insomnia, depression, and family issues cited as results.

Indian employers rank stress No 1 lifestyle risk factor: says survey

According to the inaugural Asia Pacific edition of the ‘Staying@Work’ survey conducted by professional services company Towers Watson, stress is the number one lifestyle risk factor, ranking above physical inactivity and obesity.

learn to start a business
Can you handle work pressure?
learn to start a business
Hectic work life
learn to start a business
Lack of knowledge

I Don't Know - MiniMBA
I Don’t Know

I can tell you for sure that Future is about being Entrepreneurial and that’s the way the world will be a better place!

here is the policy on Entrepreneurship by Modi Government

“to create an ecosystem of empowerment by Skilling on a large Scale at Speed with high Standards and to promote a culture of innovation based entrepreneurship which can generate wealth and employment so as to ensure Sustainable livelihoods for all citizens in the country”

In spite of all the silos and compartmentalization, today every modern employee at the workforce need to be entrepreneurial in nature in order to create, co-create, deliver and survive!

Entrepreneurship rates will soar. “Today, entrepreneurs have access to the kinds of capabilities and technologies that were only really possible for large organizations or governments before,” says Diamandis, a serial entrepreneur and author.

“But entrepreneurship is a team sport. One person can do only so much. To really have a broad impact, it comes down to how you build the team around you to get the leverage and impact at the scale that you want” says AOL Co-founder Steve Case!

So we need Entrepreneurial Workforce in this century!

So, Do you want to Succeed in business?  become an Entrepreneur?

Do you think Engineers can’t run successful companies?

Many engineers and software engineers who want to start a company / business mostly fail within a year of starting the startup…why? actually they can succeed better as an entrepreneur….

they most often not because they often think knowing the working knowledge of creating the product or handling projects alone is enough for running a company,

but actually they need more Business knowledge about running a business like increasing sales, doing marketing, and managing finances etc…




So people might think to do an MBA as a better option…

yes, doing an MBA is a better option 5 years back when corporate were hiring MBA’s for senior positions


yes, still having an MBA from the Top 10 colleges is good but management education is taking a turn Globally


even Harvard Business school has started believing in short term courses and Executive-MBA curriculum rather than 2-year full-time programs.

Future would be like people will be spending only maximum 3 months to 6 months for getting management education globally


it has already started happening that even top business schools are having short programs.

But in MBA they don’t teach Practical Knowledge and skills…

MBA’s focus more on Analytics, statistics and very less on Leadership skills, Practical Business skills…which are very much needed today to climb up the ladder and as well as to become an entrepreneur…

What is Mini MBA Millionaire? – learn to start a business

What does CEO’s and Entrepreneurs know that others don’t know?

There are certain specialized knowledge and skills that the CEO’s and entrepreneurs possess that other professionals don’t have…and they can be acquired provided someone teaches you or mentors you…

There are 3 things we need to improve:
1. Mindset
2. Knowledge (Know-How)
3. Business skills

You need to acquire positive mindset and prosperity mindset in order to become a successful CEO or an entrepreneur

You also need to know how to acquire the know-how and business knowledge…

Business skills like sales and marketing skills, negotiation skills, deal making, people skills, team building skills and leadership skills are needed to succeed.

You will – get mentored and coached for starting a successful business

you can learn to start a business – In this course, we will teach you,

  • The basic fundamentals of running a company or business starting from scratch…
  • How to form a start-up company
  • How to select a business idea or opportunity
  • Raising capital
  • Creating your product or procuring your products
  • Branding strategies
  • Building a rock solid business
  • Marketing, finance and operations in a nutshell
  • Various business models
  • Building a value proposition
  • Delivery models
  • Revenue generation
  • Increasing profits
  • Scalability and Growth
  • Systematization
  • Sales, selling methods and Marketing techniques
  • Modern day Marketing weapons and vehicles to use
  • Internet based businesses

What is Mini MBA Millionaire? – learn to start a business

Mini MBA Millionaire Membership is for a 1-year duration where we will be conducted various activities, workshops, seminars and group learning and mentoring in becoming a better entrepreneur!

It also Includes our Program (MiniMBA Millionaire Course) which will be 4 full day sessions mostly conducted during the weekends and,

we will be providing you all the support and help in understanding the business fundamentals for starting a start-up company!

This is the knowledge a CEO or an Entrepreneur possess,

and you too can have it if you spend a little bit time, energy and money…you will learn to start a business and run it successfully!

In our workshops you will learn to play “the Game of Life & Work!” it is a program where you will learn:

  1. How to start business from scratch
  2. Data gathering and Market Intelligence
  3. Creating a company
  4. You will create your own logo
  5. You will get your brand new website
  6. Study Markets
  7. Understand Competitive Intelligence
  8. Create Products
  9. Launch products
  10. Market them
  11. Put a sales team
  12. Run your business!

Do you have a working model? And what should you do about it?

Robert kiyosaki used to say that world is made up of 4 kinds of people, that is employees, self employed, business owners and Investors! And it is so true that most of the money is made by only the business owners and the investors and that is why we ask you to aspire to become one!

Most businesses fail because of lack of a clear working model, it might be business model, revenue model and so on…so, we have created a easy to follow working model for our students! This is the model!

PLML Model Minimbamillionaire.com

Innovation & Positioning is the heart of any start up to make itself successful into a growing business and in our seminars and workshops we teach our participants how to create a winning business model!

The product market fit will happen only when you have a clear understanding of your market and also what kind of product you are creating and what value proposition is required in your target market and how you productize your idea!

We will make your job easy by understanding the basics and how to put in a powerful sales and marketing system so that it will produce numbers!

Market IntelligenceMI (Market Intelligence) allows us to understand the market; thereby we can get to know the requirements of our target group!

There are 3 major key areas of focus for MI. They are:

  1. Segmentation
  2. Narrowing down the focus
  3. Customer behaviour

Acquiring Market data and monitoring trends is also part if Market Intelligence.


Competitive Intelligence



CI (Competitive Intelligence) allows us to map out our unique offering and the strategy to do competitive positioning in the market place! By doing proper CI we can arrive at a proper plan for a good product-market fit!

There are 9 key areas in CI, they are:

  1. Value proposition
  2. Core competency
  3. Competitive positioning
  4. Business model
  5. Customer Acquisition process
  6. Life time value (LTV)
  7. Map sales processes
  8. Cost to Customer Acquisition (COCA)
  9. Product Plan (MVP)

Product DevelopmentPD (Product development) involves a series of steps (6 Steps Process) in order to develop quality products. Universally steps involved in PD are Researching, Designing, and Prototyping, testing and production.

Product development is part of a project with a defined scope. Design Engineers, engineers, Quality Analyst, Test Engineers and production teams are involved in this layer!

Off course production and manufacturing can be outsourced to a third party vendor, so that you can focus on the important activities like designing & prototyping etc!

Marketing the product



MP means marketing the product and for doing an effective marketing you need to be good at 3 things, that is 1. Message, 2.Media & 3.Marketing!

The modern day marketing has evolved into permission marketing, inbound marketing etc and to successfully market your products you got to covert strangers into prospects and prospects into customers!

It is done by laying out proper marketing strategy, the choice of the channel and the Marketing Message!

Sales - Lead ConversionSD (Sales & Delivery) means converting the lead into a buyer and delivering the service as promised.

When marketing helps generating a lead, it has to be followed through by sales efforts, This is most often the face to face interaction with the prospect. The steps involved are:

1.Rapport building

2. Need Analysis

3. Addressing the problems

4. Presenting the solution

5. Closure

Using the telephone, fixing up appointments, coming up with a successful sales script, objection handling etc are part of the sales process!

The art of selling has to be mastered & the science of selling has to be learnt!

You can’t learn to ride a bicycle by reading a book and similarly you can’t lean to sell without meeting you prospect and getting into the field! Practice makes you perfect!

by subscribing for 12 months membership, you will be sent the complete study material created by MiniMBAMillionaire and you will be invited to our mentoring sessions, training sessions!

simply mail us your details (name,phone number, email id) to info@minimbamillionaire.com or call us at +91 9444063345 and make the Registration!, without delay we will be in touch with you! we will start serving you immediately!

Do invest in your Success!

We can’t promise you success instantly but sure by joining MiniMBAMillioniare you will find success along the way and you will find it interesting, reliable and useful.


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