Workplaces of tomorrow will not be the same like the past! Workplace is about work & that doesn’t mean that there will be only work and no play! I mean you need to have a very fun filled workplace! Why so? A positive work culture is where all the employees are happy!

As an employee if you are working with great enthusiasm then if becomes viral in the organisation! But then, everyone is not going to enjoy their work! But as a manager you are supposed to motivate them & address their issues or help them do a good job!

But the sad fact is there are many managers who force their teams to behave in such and such manner by indirect influences which might damage the individual & the climate.

Manipulating things & influencing people is not the work of the manager,

Manager’s work is to manage the tasks, motivate his people & train them to become better!

A manager is solving problems & helping their people to make better decisions for them & their team!

So, positive thoughts create positive environment & positive work place & culture…

Workplaces of tomorrow will not be the same like the past! There will be 3 kinds of people in any organisation; they are dependent people, Independent thinkers and Interdependent Individuals!

If someone is a dependent person, then you got to understand that you got to give them enough time for them to grow into an Independent thinker!

A positive work place is a place where a person can slowly grow into an Independent thinker, a manager & an Interdependent collaborator!

Workplace should give rooms for any Individual to find his inner voice express his opinion, ideas etc!

He should be able to give suggestions & take decisions apart from just receiving Instructions from his bosses!

What if he can choose his own boss? & what if he can choose his department in which he is supposed to work? Those might not be possible & it might be only be a dream but then, such workplaces are also emerging!


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