Wish granting genie in my pocket!It is true that every man needs food, shelter & clothing for his existence…& it is also true that man needs other things like job, a title, a car & a house etc but today people need even more,

We need mobile phones, tablets, television, digital cameras, facebook account to socialize & so on…

The World has changed! But then the needs of men can never change from the core…why? Because men is deep down still remains the same!

If a man has to have a good life, he should first follow the principle 1

Principle 1: Accept what is given to you by the God!

In life so many things happens to us but many times we don’t accept what happens to us!

Whether it is good or bad that happens to us, we got to understand that we should accept the reality & accept god’s messages!

Principle 2: Ask god for a better life (or) better situation

But then be ready to make those changes, improve your thinking & your habits!

Believe that everything happens for a reason & you do have the control to change the circumstances!

You can change your circumstances by changing your thoughts…& by changing your thoughts; you change your behaviours & actions & thus your results as well!

I believe that the universe very much reacts to your command & if you ask, you shall receive it as well!


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