Coding is not equal to money. So where is the value proposition? Should you not stop funding and start selling? You have a product, now what? Do you need a marketing strategy?

Product is part of 4p’s and you need marketing strategies to make your product sellable! Would you not be willing to take action to make your startup grow and succeed?

Our Mission – Making startup success stories in India

That’s why we have created the 7 Secrets to Digital Marketing Strategies – see below:

Here are the Audio Links:

7 Secrets to Digital Marketing Strategies Part 1 – Why your marketing is not working?

7 Secrets to Digital Marketing Strategies Part 2 – How to Increase your online Presence?

Step by step Marketing Plan for Entrepreneurs to produce 10X Profits and sales

A typical SME Entrepreneur said once to me that he has forgotten his username and passwords for his domain and hosting and if you are such an Entrepreneur then this is the Audio book that you need to hear!

If you are a Startup Entrepreneur and if you have challenges in marketing and lack of sales and profits then you have to read this info!

Our research says that most entrepreneurs don’t have a proper website and Optimization. So you need to Do your Online Presence Audit and Plan your web strategies. In this audio we cover the following issues,

  1. Why should you need a Proper Domain and hosting and also proper Account Maintenance?
  2. Why you really need Content Strategy & Planning?
  3. Why Most websites don’t have a proper Structure?
  4. Single factor called Optimization affects your sales numbers
  5. Your presence in the search engines
  6. Lack of proper strategy

So, we have created an audio series and this is the second part of the audio where you would learn the following:

  • Creating a proper Structure to your website
  • Putting a proper content strategy into place
  • Optimization
  • Doing ORM Checks
  • Making you come on the search engines
  • Importance of Social media presence
  • Creating value

This would be your important step for your marketing progress. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and I would recommend you to take this step when comes to Marketing. Once you master the fundaments of marketing you can draft your digital marketing strategies for a full fledged Marketing Attack!

After this Audio the Third audio will be addressing How to deliver your marketing message to the right Target Groups using various channels.

So, just begin your journey by downloading this audio and take action in listening to it and take action. Since we are in a mission this audio we are giving a 50% Discount for Entrepreneurs and you could find the Code : Bluedragons  and you could buy it now!

Enjoy the audio and take action!

Thumbs up,

Barath Surendran

About the Author:

Barath surendran is a Sales and Marketing Specialist, Well known Digital Marketer, senior consultant and a trainer. He had been a Senior Consultant to Times of India Group, Madras management Association, Getwell (Healthcare), SSB Soft, TATTI, ILS, Strategy Nxt Gen, EDI etc.

Barath has been the first person to have done Guerrilla Marketing Workshop and Advanced Digital workshops in Chennai City.

He has served over 50+ Corporate Clients which includes Fortune 500s and other reputed organizations

He has impacted lakhs of people through his training, seminars and workshops.

He trains and consults Organizations in Digital marketing, Sales and also Marketing departments to put effective strategies, methods and processes in place for producing better sales and profits.

  • He is an Engineer and a Post Graduate in Business Administration (in Marketing)
  • He has done His executive education in Digital Marketer at Indian Institute of Management Bangalore.
  • He has also done various other certifications like Amazon Ecommerce Specialist,
  • Hubspot Inbound Certified
  • Hubspot Content Marketing Certified
  • Hubspot Growth Driven Design Certified
  • Certificate of Membership – member of Institute of Directors – Membership id – M – 4155
  • Digital Marketing Faculty / Trainer to Times Group, Madras management Association
  • Train the Trainer Certification from by NIESBUD (National Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development) – Govt of India
  • Awarded “Star Achiever” by National Integrity cultural Academy for the year 2011
  • Awarded the Alumni Achievement Award by ITM Business School for the year 2011.
  • Awarded by Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI) for facilitation of the Advanced Entrepreneurship Orientation Program
  • Appeared as the Master Trainer for Train the Trainer program at EDI Tamil Nadu
  • Awarded by MEASI Institute of Management for initiating their Entrepreneurship startup club
  • Copy writing and Content Writing Courses
  • He had also been a Trainer for Digital Marketing for NIESBUD courses and He Has done lots of public workshops on Digital marketing for NIESBUD (part of skill development Initiative Govt of India)

Complete Client List of Barath

  • IDBI Capital Mumabi
  • Times Group
  • Mahindra finance
  • Getwell (Healthcare)
  • BMQR Certification pvt ltd
  • SSB Soft
  • Versatile Business School
  • India Trust & Spell bee International
  • ILS
  • Designs Chennai
  • Real Nest Shelters
  • Strategy NxtGen
  • TATTI – Tamil Nadu Advanced Technical Institute
  • BMQR Certification pvt ltd
  • ILS
  • Versatile Business School
  • India Trust
  • EDI (Entrepreneurship Development Institute)
  • Karya Technologies
  • Designs Chennai (Real Estate)
  • Real Nest (Real Estate)
  • ALL Cargo Logistics
  • Leaap International
  • Hyundai MOBIS
  • Visteon
  • Harris Rebar (Fortune 500)
  • Beissel Needles
  • Strategy NxtGen
  • Madras Chamber of Commerce
  • SSEPL Bhubaneswar
  • Indelect Technologies
  • Designer Park
  • Vibgyor Visuals


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