Who are we?

Techemate Leadership Academy

This program is conducted by Techemate Leadership Academy

We have been into executive training for many years and have trained the following companies like…

  • Leaap International Private Limited
  • Karya technologies
  • Beissel Needle
  • ALL Cargo Logistics
  • SSEPL Bhubaneswar
  • Visteon
  • Harris Rebar
  • Hyundai MOBIS…and so on…

    Who are we? – MiniMBAMillionaire.com

    About Our Chief Mentor:

    Mr Barath Surendran is the Director of Techemate Leadership Academy,
    He Conducts programs on communication skills, personal effectiveness, conflict management, Team building and Leadership training. He has also developed world class training modules in sales and marketing, entrepreneurial development.

    He is an Engineer and a Post Graduate in Management having wide experience working for various corporate for more than 14 years. He has worked both in technology and as well as in sales and marketing.

    His previous assignments include working for companies like GE Capital, naukri.com and Manipal Group to name a few.

    He has been Awarded “Star Achiever” by National Integrity cultural Academy for the year 2011.

    And also has been awarded the Alumni Achievement Award by ITM Business School for the year 2011.

    He has appeared as a visiting faculty to many Institutions and business schools. Voracious reader, who has read more than 1000 books on personal development, business and management.

    He has been working with various training engagements with the following organisations:

  • Visteon
  • Designs Chennai
  • Hyundai MOBIS
  • SSEPL bhubaneswar
  • BEISSEL Needles
  • Karya Technologies
  • Leaap International
  • Vibgyor Visuals
  • Harris Rebar (Nucor) – a fortune 300 company

    Empanelled for EDI Tamil Nadu (Govt of Tamil Nadu) for conducting Entrepreneurship Development programs

    Have done programs for more than 100 colleges, universities and Institutions

    Barath Surendran was also a Principal Advisor to INDIA TRUST (Entrepreneurship Development Institute of INDIA Southern Nodal Centre)

    And also a Regular Visiting faculty and consultant to Versatile Business School

    Who are we? – MiniMBAMillionaire.com

    As was said earlier, we have launched The Mini MBA Millionaire Course for the working professional to make them understand practical management and business skills to equip them for a better career!

    If you want to be part of this program and would be happy to undergo our 4 days full day training…call us today and book your slot!

    Contact +91 9444063345 / +91 8122219316
    Or email us at – barath.surendran@gmail.com

    Thank you, Have a Good Day!

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