What if you could stop chasing? – If you could stop chasing money, success and fame and let those things like money, success and fame chase you what would it be like?

1LFWhat if money is chasing you? What if it is just money flows into your Life?

I should say money likes you, and all you need to do is just receive it!

One fact I should let you know is that when you chase money it will be repelling from you, and rather if you attract money like a magnet, it will find you!

Even if you say enough, it will keep finding your wallet!

If you really want to be successful, you got to love having a fatty wallet!

Yes, I love fatty wallet!

What if you could dream having a beautiful house, a luxury car parked on your driveway! And a beautiful garden with birds, butterfly and a small pond with golden fishes swimming in it, yes, you call these things dream!

Life is to dream!

Why not? Dreams are the fuel to life, we got to dream but why do we do less of it? Because of the very fact that when we dream we expect it to appear immediately and in most cases it doesn’t and so we change our path towards our dream. In fact most of us kill our very own dream!

If we have to be happy, successful and rich then we got to give predominant focus to our dreams even if the results are poor and not immediate.

Dream Big!

What if I tell you to dream Big!

Yes, Dream Big, have wonderful dreams for your life, for your career and your business, family etc.

You don’t need to pay any money to anyone to have a dream and it is your right to have great dreams for your life!

Put your dreams into writing!

This is one of a wonderful discipline in writing down your dreams and then break then into practical, achievable goals that you could pursue.

Have you ever discussed your dreams and goals to your spouse? That is to your wife or your husband? If not please do so, you should be getting a whole lot of encouragement and support from them later!

What if you could find a permanent source of income?

A income stream where you could have a easy flow of income. A permanent and a consistent flow of income for you, do you think it is possible?

What if you could find a niche market place that needs your services on a consistent basis?

What if money can flow to you consistently, regularly and long term?

Yes, it is very much possible and attainable. What you need it the belief!

Just say, you could do it consistently, regularly and long term focused!

The person who makes a lot of money loves to solve the problems of his target customers.

A doctor solves the patience problems. An engineer solves the problems of his clients and that is it! Solve it! And make money!

If you can solve your customer’s problems then you have a potential to make a lot of money!

That is why you need to choose a market which is big!

But what if you have competitors?

Yes, having competitors validates that there is enough market to make even more money!

You need to develop your own products if possible.

Yes, 1 Lakh Income Formula (1LF) seminar will teach you methodologies how to make money using Guerrilla Digital Marketing Methodologies and proven systems and methods to build a dependable business!

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