bounce-back1The Morning Walk!

When I go to the morning walk I see people walking hurry burry…

Well, for me morning walk is not just for fitness alone, I actually feel the air around, the feel of morning weather, the mild sunshine etc … it allows my mind to think better and feels good inside…

This is why I go walking in the morning but, I see almost 95% of them go walking because they have to or somebody told them to do so or out of some compulsion, they all want to walk!

Most of them also want to show to other walkers that they are serious at walking and here too they want to prove that they are competent etc

I think only when you develop mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually there is going to be real fulfilment and happiness in life and sure by just chasing an unknown destination will not get you to where you wanted to go and same applies for walking as well!

Walk happily, gracefully, peacefully and beautifully!

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