The Core Problem to solve in any business! Address it if you care as a leader!When I said core problem is mostly not understood and only symptoms are addressed, it is mostly because of lack of information, lack of understanding & because of lack of proper feedback or communication!

Silos were created because in the industrial age when they wanted to do large scale manufacturing to get things done, F.W.Taylor proposed the model that the top management will think & the workers will do the work but, today in the information age the worker is the thinker and he has to use his knowledge, skills in order to produce but if we don’t communicate with them properly, then we may not be able to solve most of the modern day problems at work!

The problem solving has to start with the attitude! As a leader don’t blame the worker but blame the lack of competency you have built in the system and so, it is better to take total responsibility!

90% of the problems at work are mostly because of communication gap & only when you have an open culture where everyone is encouraged to communicate, you can have an effective functioning organisation!

Understand one thing that a business entity and its major objective are to increase profits for its shareholders. Whether it is a fortune 100 company or a one man show it is the same!

Business is nothing but a system of systems & every system has a set of processes. When we clearly layout those processes and understand those processes then we can solve major problems easily!

At every stage of the business there will be undesirable effects or symptoms which have to be addressed!

Than being a reactive business person one has to be a proactive person & long term focused to build a credible brand image and value!

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