small-businessWhen I said problems and its symptoms etc one such problem is lack of clear understanding of the business entity & working model!

That is why we have developed a working model for small businesses.

Most often when an engineer quits his job to start a business for himself, all he knows is product development or engineering work only and so comes the challenge.

Similarly when a sales guy starts his own all he knows is sales and that is it!

An entrepreneur is a generalist first and then only he becomes a specialist!

An entrepreneur has to know how a business systems work! There are different ways to understand a business and we have created a simple method to understand business systems,

PLML Model Minimbamillionaire.comWe have classified the different blocks of a small and medium business and they will be as follows:

  1. Market Intelligence
  2. Competitive Intelligence
  3. Product development
  4. Marketing
  5. Sales and Delivery
  6. Cash flow Management
  7. Operations
  8. HR Management

Yes, off course I have tried to cover all the aspects of a business! But then one has to understand the basic working of a business so that even if you are a solopreneur you could be able to do a good job!

We have also simplified each and every block so that its functions are very well understood and put into practice!

Today you can’t be a reactive entrepreneur and so being a proactive entrepreneur means you got to think big and think outside the box! And the same time have a solid foundation and principle-centric!

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