bad-egg-iconWhat do you need? A car, sports car, SUV, a Mercedes car parked in your garage?

A beautiful beach facing condo!

All the luxuries in life! And you want to call all that a success?

Off course that is what everyone wants but then I call these a pseudo-success, what if you have not attained your peak-potential, inner-peace, happiness, your health and good relationship with your family and friends? Still can you call being successful?

Majority wants to attain the pseudo-success but it is not true success!

I had seen employees, mangers and bosses all work with lack of patience and wanting all their team to do work in a hurry burry fashion and what they want is results…if you are one such individual you might attain pseudo-success but not real success!

Wanting only results and not bothering about your methods, integrity and so on…definitely will not lead you to be a peaceful & a happy individual! Success is not just the external material accumulations for sure!

As a business person if you are genuine and if you are a person who is not giving false promises then you are not only making your life better but also of all your employees & your family!

So, remember pseudo-success is not real success!

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