Are you a small business struggling to make a profit?

Or are you finding difficulty to scale up and move up the value chain?

Do you want to grow into a larger company?

We provide you the solution for struggling businesses to expand and grow, help you to put in successful selling systems, re-engineering the business models and revenue streams and make a phenomenal profit!

This is what we do:

We are providing Business and Marketing Consulting for Small and Medium Enterprises; we solve the following issues/problems for businesses:

What we find in a small business is that most businesses have the following types of problems

  • Lack of proper customer base
  • Lack of delivery capability
  • Lack of Financial control


And so, we provide solutions in these areas

Lack of proper customer base may be due to

  • Wrong targeting
  • Poor sales team
  • Poor offer
  • No proper pricing
  • poor Marketing Message
  • Lack of proper selling system



So, we help small organisations to have an effective sales teams and marketing systems in place!

We would do,

  • Overall Rebranding of the company/ products and services
  • Positioning
  • Right Targeting
  • Use nonconventional Marketing vehicles and weapons like Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Permission Marketing, Guerrilla Marketing etc
  • Hire Best Sales people
  • Train Sales Teams in both B2B selling and B2C selling
  • Motivate sales Teams
  • Increase Sales Numbers
  • Put in Right Sales Systems into place
  • Increase Profit Margins

Our Sales Consulting – for – SMALL BUSINESS CONSULTING – includes:

We will be building complete Sales Process, and monitor Sales Execution, thereby achieving Sales Targets and Sales Goals.


We also help organisations to find the Problem Areas where they have issues when comes to production capabilities…(for SMALL BUSINESS CONSULTING)

  • We segregate functional areas
  • Work on their Processes and Systems
  • Come out with proper Process flow Diagrams
  • Test them and systemize them
  • Find Constraint Areas
  • Find Solutions for road blocks
  • Understand Organisational Objectives
  • Translate them into Goals and Plans
  • Set Targets and put Systems to achieve those targets

We also help companies from Lack of Financial control (for SMALL BUSINESS CONSULTING)

  • Understand Cash flow management
  • Cost cutting measures
  • Managing Vendors
  • Handling Accounts receivables
  • Proper Invoicing Process (over billing, under-billing or unclear billing)
  • Payment process (late payments, missed payments or over-payments)
  • Overcome Incorrect or incomplete financial reports


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