Barath with Mr.key - karnika yashwantIt was over some samosas and some biscuits…yes, I love meeting entrepreneurs and one such young dynamic entrepreneur I met today morning is Mr.KEY (Karnika Yashwant), this guy made his first 1.5 crore rupee at the age of 16 and he was appreciated as one of the youngest CEO’s in the country…

Meeting Yashwant is always fun and you can get to know that the guy opposite is not the normal average kid and smatter than you could every guess!

Last time I met him he was talking about the difference between fishing in a pond, a lake and a sea!, what he means is he normally goes for a large b2b clients serving them for a long term basis fetching higher value sales but the number of clients is lesser, that’s the game he plays and he is good at it….. Once he is successful at the b2b Yashwant always have plans for B2C too…

I got to know from Yashwant that his company has been for over a decade in this space and the usp they are offered is completely different from any other ordinary vendor….that is his key difference!

They primarily serve US and UK clients and his employees and agents work world wide!

So, awesome to know a youngster who is not even in his 30’s made it so big that the rest of us are wishing to happen in our 40’s and 50’s! I would say we got to learn from Yashwant 🙂

Key Difference is his company aimed at providing the best solution in the space and at the same time to change the world for what it needs! The strength of their company comes from the kind of people they work with and the quality of work they deliver!

I wish and hope to see Yashwant creating the next google or facebook for the tomorrow’s world!

Kudos 🙂

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