So, it was my son’s swimming class where I was just a spectator after my few laps at the swimming pool and there were state-level coaching happening on the one side and the regular coaching on the other side….at the same time people who just came to the swimming pool because of the summer and who don’t know much of the sport but where having just fun.

The discipline that the four younger boys had who are of course getting trained for the state level championship was just staggering and I just got mesmerised by their level of commitment, hard work and their patience to go about crossing every lap!…and of course the best among them where the coach!

When you have a exceptionally brilliant coach, you will learn exceptionally well, all you have to do is just commit yourself for learning and follow every Instruction that is needed for your growth!

There are no words to describe! This world has such great coaches who are making great transformation among their students! Salute to all of them!

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