It is not the symptom that you got to fix; it is the problem that has to be fixed! So find the real problem to be solved!Most often the real problem is not the problem itself, the problem is only a superficial symptom and the real problem is deep down and most often it is not diagnosed or found!

Whether it is going to be lack of sales in a business or stress at work or weight gain by an individual, the real problem is deep down!

So, how do we identify the real problem? In order for us to find the real problem we have to dissect the steps involved in the process! I mean if it is eating habit then we got to know the steps involved and find the real problem deep inside!

For example in sales the superficial problem may be lack of sales but then, the real problem may not be just sales!

the problem that has to be fixed


The real problem may be that people don’t want to buy your product! So you got to dig deep inside asking why people don’t want to buy.

People don’t want to buy because there might be some other product better than yours or the price might not be affordable etc

So, if we have to find the real reason we are supposed to talk to your customers and get their feedback!

Sometimes many of the solutions will only come outside of us and so, it is important to get feedback from others like your employees, customers, vendors, advisors and so on…

It is also true that most of the time it might be the execution problem! Many times You know what to do & how to do it but you don’t do it!

It is the follow through that matter! So, clarify your steps and religiously do it step by step!

Always remember, slow and steady, consistent and persistent action will produce results!

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