find Abundance Subconsciously what is happening to us is more powerful than what is happening to us at the conscious level & it affects our lives!

We are not just here to receive things, money, food, promotions, and cars and so on…from others, we are also here to give these things to others!

When we forget this simple law or the principle we become more selfish & thus become more self absorbed!

For us to receive more, we need to give more as well!

It is also more important that we accept what is given to us in abundance!

For someone, god gives more love, or more friends, more health or more money…& we should respect what god gives us & value them & not to complain about the lack!

Let us not do things just for the monetary gain but to have a larger purpose! & if your actions are purposeful then the money that you earn will also be meaningful!

We are not the accumulations & we are what we are only when we find satisfaction in all our accomplishments & the quality of services that we have offered to our world around!

How to find Abundance & how prosperity can descend on you? Money is just energy & it has to flow from one person to another…

Where there is more value, the money will flow!

So, if we offer more value or associate with others who offer more value, money will flow towards us! It is so simple!

Today, it is a simple fact that only when an organisation feels someone is of value to them, they will pay them more & will keep them on role!

Everyone can offer value! But each of us differs in different ways!

What one person offers will be different from another person & so, the value depends upon what the person can do & what the person can bring to the business or whatever…

So, what is value?

In business terms, value is what the majority of your customers or stakeholders want or demand!

If you have a skill which is appreciated by many, then you have value…

Provide that value & you will find people will be willing to pay you money!


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