Business onlineDo you know what the genuine ways to earn money online are?

1.Always beware of all the scams out there

2.Many surveys and form filling are scams and please stay away from them

3.Google Corporation spends billions of money on advertisements and in particular adwords and adsense

4.To use adsense you need to have a blog website with rich content

5.Focus on a good topic / Niche

6.Start a blog and write good articles

google adsense7.Sign in with adsense account and create ads to be placed on the blog

8.As users start coming in you will start making adsense revenue

9.Next best way to make revenue online is through ebook publishing

10.Ebook publishing is done through Kindle publishing through Amazon

11.Takes time to write a good book,

12.You can even write a book using a ghost writer

amazon kindle13.Do a beautiful cover and publish it in kdp.amazon

14.Promote you ebook using email marketing, facebook etc

15.You will see sales happening on the kindle,

16.These are the 2 best ways to start earning online Income

17.It is a long way to go but all you have to do is start with the single step…

Get set and go…

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