Training_corporateWhat most organisations do? After they hire an employee they want them to produce results. That is it! Just produce results! I think it is not the way to be. After you hire you got to put them in a training program.

This is what I feel we need to do after we hire!

Hire right & Train right – Qualities of a World class organisation!

Training is a critical function and one has to be focused long-term in order to be successful in building a good team that can deliver results!

So, when you are managing teams you got to be a good trainer, coach and a mentor!

You should be able to create other leaders, coaches & mentors in your organisation!

Today, organisations talk about plug and play model, ready made talent & just in time hiring and so on…but leadership, mentoring & training can’t be ignored if you need to build a processional solid organisation!

When an employee joins an organisation, he should be trained or informed about various things about the organisation like,

  1. The vision & mission
  2. Organisational goals
  3. Work culture
  4. Different Departments & their functions
  5. His team members
  6. His team KRA’s & KPI’s
  7. His responsibility & his roles!


Only when he is clear about these things he can deliver proper results!

So, communication is the key and even if thousand employees join your organisation, you need to train them in all these areas, so understand that clear communication is the hall mark of a world class company!

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