Give me a Mercedes for a price of Maruti!

I know this is what many want, a Mercedes for a price of Maruti!

Mercedes for a price of MarutiWhen it comes to a large company they know the fact that you can’t ask that…if you pay peanuts you will only get monkeys! So true! But, what if someone is fortunate! Yes, they would want a Mercedes for a price of Maruti!
So, many of my clients want premium services with affordable price point and there is nothing wrong with that, but how many of them will be fortunate to get that?

But what if you are offering a Mercedes for a price of Maruti? Well, they would call you a fool! Isn’t it? Yes, off course! But, you should aspire to build a Mercedes if you are a small time company and sell it like a maruti car…because only then you can add value to your offerings!

It is not the main course that gets you the profits, but your side dishes and that is what companies like MC Donald’s has understood! Build your services one at a time, and focus on the customer share and not the market share!

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