Get a Life! - Invest your most precious asset which is your Time!Today is an era of entrepreneurs, Individual thinkers, creators, deal makers & collaborators! Today we need to be proactive rather than being reactive!

It is for us to choose what we are supposed to do in our lives & in our work as well!

When somebody working hard tells that he wants to earn a lot of money, it means he need that money to buy respect, stability, happiness, food , clothing, transportation, vacation trips, friends & status!

Actually it is not the money that he needs, but what he can buy from that money is what he values the most!

So if you can attain stability, respect, happiness, basic necessities of life like transportation, food, cloths, vacation trips, friends & status etc then you will start valuing your freedom & your time more valuable than all the money that you can earn working hard from a wage or salary!

It is true that, profits are better than wages!

When you deliver value, you get paid

And profits can be increased when you deliver more and when people are there to buy more of your stuff!

You have only 1440 minutes in a day, that means 5, 18,400 minutes per year = 8640 hours per year!

Our time is limited and how we are going to use it is important…isn’t it?

Are we going to live beautiful, meaningful & happy lives? Or are we going to give away all our valuable time which we think is of not important to us?

Money can buy us cars, gadgets and all material possessions that you can need but, it can’t buy us time!

Today people talk about work-life balance a lot because most of them have sold their valuable time for money & they expect money to buy them the quality time they need but unfortunately you can’t buy time!

It happens that a person doesn’t even have time for himself!

So I can say only one thing…please get a life!


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