Digital Marketing in Chennai is on up now a days and people have started understanding the power of the online, web and mobile medium. Digital Marketing needs a holistic understanding of both web technologies and Marketing fundamentals. To say the knowledge of a CTO and a CMO is needed by a Digital Marketer.

We at Techemate Leadership Academy are specialized in Digital Marketing and having done his Executive Program from The Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore in Digital Marketing Mr.Barath Surendran has initiated various Digital Marketing Training programs here in Chennai and a handful of consulting assignments helping organizations to build their brands online.

Building Brands can be achieved by using online as a medium as there are millions of users flocking online everyday across India and all over the globe. Online reputation of brands depends on a proper Branding strategy online and an organization has to allocate a reasonable marketing budget monthly.

As Digital Marketers we are supposed to focus on two kinds of Lead generation, that is – FREE Traffic and Paid Traffic. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) falls under the free traffic and Google Advertisements fall under Paid Traffic!

Specializing in both these categories will increase your ROI for sure!

IF you find time to watch these Videos below please do so,

Digital Marketing Workshop at Madras Chamber of commerce

7 Methods for Lead Generation Method2 – Your Website!

7 things to do in your website – for Lead Generation

Online Marketing in Tamil – Ultimate Internet Marketing Money Machine CD

Pictures of Digital Marketing Training in Chennai

(Barath Surendran has conducted Digital Marketing Training in Chennai for various organizations including NIESBUD Govt of India, EDI Govt of TN, Strategy nxt Gen etc)

digital marketing in chennai

digital marketing in chennai

digital marketing in chennai

digital marketing in chennai

digital marketing in chennai

digital marketing in chennai

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