I know people are looking for a business-in-chennai-with-low-investment but they forget one important point that even when they have capital it is not necessary that your business will end up becoming successful!

Let me tell you my friend Murugan’s (name changed for confidentially reasons) story! Mr.Mrurgan studied MCA and successfully went on working as a software engineer in HCL Technologies and he was a very successful engineer and later switched to another well known Top 5 IT Companies in India.

He was earning very well, and he was successful at his job and also he successfully married his colleague a love marriage and everyone in his family considered him to be successful.Low investment business in chennai

But then after 8 years passed Murugan can’t be patient working for a mere paycheque and so wanted to become an Entrepreneur!

Murugan wanted to buy the next Mercedes and wanted to become the next Durubai Ambani and so, he came out with multiple ideas and started a business with all his savings and money that he earned for all these years as a software engineer…in fact I met Murugan during his launch phases of his business and advised him to think step by step and to think practical at first!

But then murugan want about his own way and dabbled for a year and spent all his life savings and then finally uploaded his CV in Naukri.com and landed in a job working for another company!

So, this is the story of most people who take the plunge without any preparation as an entrepreneur!

People prepare for 10th standard exam, 12th exam, engineering college exam, IAS exam, MBA exam etc but the average middle class working group forgets to prepare for entrepreneurship before they try out a business!

Low investment business in ChennaiIt is a fact that only one out of thousand businesses succeeds in India. Global stat says 1 out of 100 only will succeed and that too may fail in another 5 years and that is the global statistics.

So, more than thinking about low investment idea! First you got to get trained as an Entrepreneur and practice of entrepreneurship is what all matters!

Today in the era of the Internet you have many options to start a low investment business but then, you can’t start a business without putting money, energy (work) or spending your valuable time. And so, understand that you can run a business only when you leverage all your resources and talents!

We at MiniMBAMillionaire.com has a vision in helping young entrepreneurial people to plan on the safe Entrepreneurial journey and so, before they quit their jobs we mentor then to get prepared for Entrepreneurship!

It is not a rocket science but then it is a uncommon common sense that you could gain by systemic thinking, planning and practicing!

Wishing you all a Happy Entrepreneurial Journey!

List of some Low investment business in Chennai

Xerox Shop
Biriyani Shop
Pharmacy Shop
grocery Shop
Beauty Salon
call driver service
Door Delivery services
Coffee shop
school books, uniforms
Office furniture’s
Office stationary

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