Krishna went to school like every other kid; he was indeed a poor student…

Well, let’s call Krishna as average, but he likes asking questions and always likes to understand things rather than mere memorizing or getting marks…

But, his teachers insisted him to concentrate on studies and to get good grades…krishna was getting average marks…

But then somehow he made it to an engineering college and got a degree…

He understood that top companies would hire only first class graduates and so, he landed working for a start-up and then moved to other bigger assignments…but internally he was unemployable!, he was not the regular guy…he disliked authority, structure etc

And so, he has a rough sail all those years he moved from one assignment to another and then he did the best he can, he started his own start-up!

Then one day krishna was thinking why did not made a career working for a large corporate? Yes, he did work for a large company but it was short lived and he had to choose a start-up, why?

Because he answered “he was unemployable in a large company”

He doesn’t wana be a cog in the wheel and so, he quit!

So, did he fail?

Off course he failed, but then, he started something on his own!

Then he answered to himself that he is Entrepreneurial!
He has neither the aptitude nor the attitude to succeed as an employee but he did have the aptitude and attitude to be an entrepreneur!

So, he committed to being a good student outside the formal walls of the school, college and the corporate and that is why everybody started calling him a successful entrepreneur!

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