Best voice recorder for YouTube

Best voice recorder for YouTube






I did a research on which is the best voice recorder for you tube. I had been doing this research for more than a year now and have found the right budget friendly options

Firstly let me tell you, what are the options considering forward

    1. Microphone + a portable professional recorder (Best voice recorder for YouTube)

    1. Lavalier microphones + mobile voice recorder apps

you also need Rode SC3 TRSS to TRS Adapter for connecting to cameras and audio recorders

    1. USB Microphones

    1. Professional Microphone like a shot gun mic + Recorder

After researching all these options I have narrowed down to the best options. Firstly you need to have a practical solution. Something which is portable and professional like the zoom H1 recorder

Zoom H1 recorder is the best options available in the market (Best voice recorder for YouTube)

This recorder is used by the most journalists recording professional audio

Next thing you need is a Lavalier Microphones

2 best Lav Mics I have found

    1. Rode Lav Mic
    2. Purple Panda Lav Mic

If you have more budgets to spend then go for a zoom h5 recorder

Zoom h5 recorder is a professional recorder used in films and video making

If you are going to record only one person and you need a clip on mic better than a lav mic then you could go for a sony voice recorder model – Sony ICD-TX650


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