balancing your lifeAlways extremities are not ideal and when you go doing extreme things in anything, the pendulum has to come back to the opposite direction and that is what you see in events like the stock markets going up and down, economies going up and down and so on…

When one watches TV for a long time may be for years, he or she has to stop watching TV for a while because obsession to TV watching will definitely have a negative effect on that individual, and overdoing is always bad! Same thing with eating, sleeping, working, using your brain etc!

When studying it is scientifically proven that for every 30 to 45 minutes you need at least a 5 minutes break!

Overdoing will cause adverse effects on the health, be it mental health or physical health!

life-balance-tightropeEven when you exercise you need in between breaks. The professional bodybuilder and sports people know the value of rest and recovery after their intense workouts!

The same thing probably applies to making money as well!

Say when a start up is focusing on the product development, overdoing it is also not good and so, they should in between change their focus into things like business development or sales etc!

When you are in the process of learning it should be a mixture of reading, writing, thinking, watching, hearing, interacting, experimenting, doing, fun based learning etc.

It can’t be a monotonous thing like just reading books alone. Overdoing it will lead to something called knowing – doing gap!

That is why over educated people don’t become successful practitioners and practically successful people.

Discipline is important but overdoing of anything is not discipline and so we need to have a balance in life!

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