Get your Business to the next level with B2B online Marketing Campaign

There are 2 things that you need to do it correctly for your B2B business, whether you sell Engineering products or services, you got to do these 2 things, firstly you need to segment your market properly, Second is to target it!

What do I mean? If you can’t do it yourself then we will do it for you!

Segmenting your market allows you to understand a specific group of people, their behaviour and why they buy and what price etc…And when you target that set of group you get to use all your resources to concentrate and thus increase the possibility of success!

In every campaign there will be learning’s and if it is a negative outcome still you learn in valuable lessons and make you move forward!

If you want to do such marketing campaigns then, you could ask us to do a campaign about your products & services to your target group! In fact we are connected with hundreds of engineering companies and they are all part of my mailing list!

We have an offer! We will be creating a website free of cost with all your product details, company Information, you photos, your contact information etc and will be doing a beautiful mailer targeting to your relevant Target groups (potential customers)

We would be doing a sequence (3 sequential mailers) with photos, testimonials etc and we believe that these kinds of campaigns have better response rates and will be part of your brand building activities! Off course you got to compliment it with your sales efforts using your sales teams as well to produce real sales figures!

So, here is the deal!

FREE Website (Product Info + Company details + photos + testimonials)

3 sequential Mailer campaigns

Landing Page + Contact Information

ALL this for Just RS 5000 /- ONLY

If you need this service please call us and register soon because we are going to have this offer for only up to 30th September 2015

Call and Register today – call +91 9444063345

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