AuthenticLeaderIf someone is proposing a readymade solution for every problem, then he is the guy who is going to give you a hard time….probably he might be successful running a business or company and making money but, he would be a tough boss to work with!

You could try fixing problems but if you try fixing people with a readymade solution for every problem…people will call you somebody who took advantage of other people’s weaknesses! And off course there are such people who would call them self as leaders and still not that an authentic leader…

Leader is not somebody who would take away other persons private space and not let the other guy decide from his heart and mind…and if he also gives a deadline for people to take their personal decisions then we should call him a villain (the bad guy)

So, a true leader is not the one who made the most money or one who took power in his hands…a true leader is one who remind good to other guy and still helped him to make the transition from where he is in his life and to where he wanted to be in his life.

So, have you asked somebody what do they want to be and have you helped them to make better choices without forcing your ideology, your values and your philosophies….then, if you did call yourself a leader!


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