1. 5 key Ingredients Understand your market

The real asset you have is not your plant, machinery, you employees etc, your real asset is your customers and how well you have understood them is what matters for fulfilling their needs and wants.

That is why you need to choose a market where you think like your customer or have a partner who is like your customer!

Understanding your market is a key ingredient for your success!

2. Play your strengths

If you could do one thing best, is when you play to your strengths and so only when you focus on the areas where you have natural advantage you can grow!

So, find your strength and leverage it!

Find your teams strength and leverage it!

Hire people with different strength areas and leverage it!

3. Be Collaborative

Even in mahabharat you had a mentor (Krishna), an archer (Ajruna), a wrestler (Bhima), a leader (Yudhisthira), a horse-riding expert (Nakula), sword-fighting expert (Sahadeva) and so on…to win the War!

So, you got to have various experts in your team to become a winning team and collaboration is a key ingredient for success!

4. Never lose the passion

Even when adversity you should never lose your faith and direction! And doing what is passionate for you will lead to betterment!

Never lose your passion and the best example we have is our steve jobs life story!

5. Continue to learn and grow

Formal education will make you a living but continuous life education will make you a fortune and so, you got to update your knowledge, skills etc with the latest and always be learning and growing!

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