5 Easy Steps to Learn Digital Marketing

After being a Digital Marketer, Consultant and a Trainer for the last 10 years I have developed a simple system to learn and implement digital marketing into your business. About the Author Who is Barath Surendran?

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Web Design & Content

1. Creating a Simple website without coding
2. Creating a winning Content using proven Templates



3. Building Traffic (Traffic System)


4. Capture
5. Sales Funnel

What you will Learn?

After being a Digital Marketer, Consultant, and a Trainer for the last 10 years I have developed a simple system to learn and implement digital marketing into your business.
Following are the steps

1. Creating a Simple website / blog without coding
2. Creating a winning Content using proven Templates
3. Building Traffic (Traffic System)
4. Capture
5. Sales Funnel

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What Our Customers Are Saying

What our past students are saying about our digital marketing program?

I Learnt How to develop and post a blog, SEO, etc. I was rushing back home to try it out on my laptop. with a diverse audience, Barath has been doing a great job in balancing the needs of the Audience.

Harihara Subramanian (IIM A Alumni)

Management consultant, Past President of Shripet industries pvt ltd

I attended the 6 week Course in Digital Marketing held at MMA, Chennai. This course was a success for me- mainly because Mr Barath Surendran put things in front of us in a simple way that could be understood by me too. I am a novice in this field and I am able to understand things better and take better decisions. He is instrumental in changing the way I think about Digital Marketing- opening my eyes to new marketing techniques. Thank You Mr Barath Surendran

Roshini R

CRD Head, Besten Engineers and Consultants India Pvt Ltd

Probably one of the most knowledgeable digital marketing professional in the Market!!! Particularly, SEO is one of his best offerings! Been an absolutely enriching experience with Mr. Barath Surendran.

Sriram Saravanan

Manager , Madras Management Association

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Creating a Simple website ?

Creating a website doesn’t need to be cumbersome and in fact you could build a professional, good looking and practical website without much coding. What we use is word press which is a CMS which allows you to create wonderful websites.

Your website can be even a single page or maximum of 2 to 3 pages initially and then you could build your blogging system further.

Build a lead generation system and it all starts with your lead form. One of the best ways of building lead forms is using leadpages or getresponse.

What if you can’t spend money on leadpages or getresponse?

Then I have a solution for you to develop it using your wordpress with the help of your Mail Chimp.

I will be teaching you the complete step by step process of building a simple website using your wordpress & Mail Chimp.

What are the 5 Major problems faced by every digital marketer & Entrepreneurs?

The 5 Major problems faced by every professional while implementing digital marketing are as follows:

1. Lack of a professionally designed website or a webpage
2. No proper content
3. Don’t know how to build traffic to the website
4. No proper lead generation
5. No sales funnel

What are the Golden Rules of Writing Content?

1. Know your Audience
2. Board General Information at the Top
3. Specific Detailed Information at the bottom
4. Write Short & simple sentences
5. It should be readable
6. Stick to active voice
7. Don’t just tell, rather show them
8. Avoid Jargons
9. Use better and interesting words
10. Use bulleted points
11. Use numerical lists
12. Use white spaces
13. Divide your content into sections
14. Use Multimedia & images

How to Build Traffic to your website?

There are only 2 ways to build traffic to your website.

1. Organic Traffic – which is done through Optimization
2. Paid Traffic – Which is done through your Ads

So, what are the kinds of Optimization?

1. Search Engine Optimization
2. Social Media Optimization
3. You tube Optimization

In Search Engine Optimization we often call on page and off page optimization
All narrows down to 2 things

1. Choice of the Keywords
2. The quality of your content

What about Paid Ads?

You could do the following paid ads

Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads
Google Ads & You tube Ads
Linkedin Ads (if your audience is a B2B Audience)

Which is the best Engagement tool?

Till date I feel Email Marketing is the best Engagement tool followed by Instagram and then facebook

What should I do with the Traffic?

You should give valuable give away to your visitors and then you should also get their details in return

What is a sales funnel?

Sales funnel is a step by step process in converting a stranger into a qualified prospect and into a customer. Sales funnel allows you to build value to your offerings and to your end customer.

Three Key-value offerings will be
• Freemiums
• Lead Magnets – Trip Wires
• Back end Products

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