4 Step process in accomplishing any work – Building your inside stronger! Anyway in life it is very important that we earn! So, if we have to earn, what should we do? There are only two ways 1. Find a job (Or) 2. Start a business

So, either you can be an employee working for a company or start something on your own!

Being into business means you are the boss & you are in control!

But understand that a business is in control of the major changes in the economy.  I mean the market determines how well you do in your business!

And if you are in a job, it is your boss who determines how stable you are at the job!

So, external circumstances do play a significant role in your stability!

Only when you can manage the external circumstances you can become successful and to influence the external circumstances you got to be strong inside!

Only when you are strong inside you can manage what is outside!

You have to think, you have to plan, work along with people, communicate properly, get things done on time and satisfy others who are involved in the job or business!

And to do all this you got to be strong inside!

Being strong inside starts from the thought level, how you think and so on…

I believe in the 4 step process in accomplishing anything and that is,

  1. Thinking
  2. Planning
  3. Acting / Doing
  4. Feedback (Course correcting)

4 Step process in accomplishing any work – Building your inside stronger!

When comes to handling a team or running a business there will be delegating feedback, training / mentoring, hiring and leadership etc involved…

So, when you are strong inside, you start developing qualities to manage others as well!

Self management comes before team management!

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