Qualities of an Entrepreneur!

I had the Privilege meeting the Director of EDI – Tamil Nadu, Mr.Rajaraman IAS on 16th March and also addend his thought provoking, beautiful presentation on the prerequisites or the qualities of successful Entrepreneurs / Entrepreneurial Qualities

what you need to know about qualities of an entrepreneur?

He classifies Major Qualities into 3 Variations or Clusters and they are as follows:

3 Major Entrepreneurial Qualities (Clusters) Discussed at EDI – Tamil Nadu

1.Achievement Cluster

An Entrepreneur has to always keep looking out for opportunities in his environment, market etc, he has to be aware of what is the gap in the market or what problems we can solve etc.

An Entrepreneur has to take risk, but at the same time have plan B or alternatives, take calculated risks. He is supposed to take the Initiative and not wait for things to happen…he should make it happen

An Entrepreneur should be always thinking about Efficiency and Quality of his deliverables

He should be Persistent and keep going forward with commitment

He should be having the commitment to WORK!

characteristics of an entrepreneur

2.Planning Cluster

An Entrepreneur should be Information Seeking and he should be gathering required Information about the market, product and competition from outside resources. He should be interaction with his clients, suppliers, vendors, competitors, and experts etc

He should be always clarifying his goals and setting targets for future accomplishments

There has to be systemic planning and monitoring ( monitoring of tasks, activities, sales numbers and financial / Accounting related activities)



An Entrepreneur should be an expert at persuading things and ideas, he should be able to influence people with ideas, and mission, goals etc and he should be great at networking with people

He needs to be Independent and have lots of self confidence

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