seedsNestSpears3 Important ways to survive your business!

Old ways of knocking doors for lead Generation doesn’t work and every person in sales and marketing had the lesson learning it hard way!

And so, people opt for web marketing and also small players learn that they can’t do it unless they have a professional team…but no matter what they do end of the day they all cry for sales and conversion

Lead Generation has evolved into 3 important activities – Seeds (Inbound Marketing/web/PR), Nest (Marketing Programs/ADVT/PPC), and Spears (Outbound sales / Targeted sales)

So, marketing today needs knocking doors and as well PR and Marketing coupled and only with this combination one can make it!

And so, an organisation has to have teams for all 3 activities – Seeds, Nest and Spears!

If we have to survive then that’s the way to go…

If a company is not ready to spend money, energy and resources in Inbound Marketing, Outbound Marketing and Sales Activities in a consistent manner, no matter what they do they will always have a low-profit business at end of the year…

So, an organisation should consider sales and marketing as a continuous activity and not a mere one short project! Sales and marketing is a cyclic activity and needs to be done continuously!


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